Those fond childhood memories of sharing your favorite ice cream treat with friends on a hot summer day is what Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company is all about.  Whether it was your neighborhood, playground, or park, the ice cream truck was how most people grew to know and love JACK & JILL ® ice cream.  Now almost a century later, Jack & Jill continues to deliver those delicious memories.

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Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company History
Mickey Schwartz began Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company
Mickey began selling ice cream in 1929 from a wooden box carried over his shoulder. He founded Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company on a commitment to provide great customer service and quality products.
The company grew into a successful street vending and vending machine business
The first street vending truck was purchased in 1938, and, a year later, the company created a vending machine division.
Wholesale Distribution Operation began
Jay Schwartz, Mickey's son, saw great opportunities in wholesale distribution. Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company began distributing leading regional and national brands in the Delaware Valley.
Product line introduced and distribution area expanded
In the early 1980's, the JACK & JILL® brand novelties were introduced. By the mid 1980's, the JACK & JILL® ice cream product line grew beyond classic novelties to premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and water ice. Jack & Jill Ice Cream's distribution area expanded to Baltimore and Washington, DC.
Markets expanded
As the marketplace continued to change, the company focused on impulse and out-of-home ice cream markets. This further expanded our presence in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Midlantic Vending Corp. created
The street vending and machine vending business began operating as Midlantic Vending Corp.
Over 80 years in business, the company changed their name to Jack & Jill D.S.D.
Under the direction of Ken Schwartz, Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company has grown to be a distributor of the Jack & JillĀ® Ice Cream brand as well as other national brands of ice cream treats, frozen foods, beverages and snacks to a host of customers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Because of this continuing growth in their portfolio, Jack & Jill Ice Cream Company changed their name to Jack & Jill D.S.D. (Direct Store Delivery).
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