Consumers today demand choice.  At Jack & Jill D.S.D., we meet that demand by offering the widest selection of products in our serving areas.  Check out our product gallery for your favorite JACK & JILL ® and other brand treats.


Product Listing

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Allergen Statement

Kosher Certification Letter

JACK & JILL® Sandwiches
JACK & JILL® Sandwiches
Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
Giant Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

JACK & JILL® Cones
JACK & JILL® Cones
Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
Nut Cone
Jimmy Swirl Cone
Giant Sundae Cone
Reduced Fat Cookies & Cream Cone

Double Sundae Fudge Cup
Double Sundae Strawberry Cup
Double Sundae Caramel Cup
Vanilla/Chocolate Large Ice Cream Cup
Vanilla/Chocolate Small Ice Cream Cup
Cotton Candy Sundae Cup

JACK & JILL® Bars/Sticks/Push Ups
JACK & JILL® Bars/Sticks/Push Ups
Chocolate Éclair
Strawberry Shortcake
Toasted Almond Crunch Bar
Cherry Slush Bar
Fudge Stix
Orange Cream Stix
Vanilla Ice Cream Bar
Push Up Ice Cream
Cookies & Cream Bar

NESTLE® Novelties
NESTLE® Novelties
King Vanilla Sandwich
Tollhouse® Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
DRUMSTICK® Vanilla Cone
DRUMSTICK® Vanilla with Chocolatey Swirls Cone
DRUMSTICK® Triple Chocolate Cone
PUSH UP® Orange
Strawberry Shortcake Bar

Vanilla & Milk Chocolate
Vanilla & Dark Chocolate
Vanilla & Almond
Coffee & Almond

NestleĀ® DIBS
NestleĀ® DIBS
Vanilla with NESTLE CRUNCH Coating

FrutStix Bars
FrutStix Bars
Strawberry Bar
Pineapple Bar
Creamy Banana Bar
Creamy Coconut Bar
Creamy Mango Bar

Additional Novelties
Snickers Ice Cream Bar
Twix Ice Cream Bar
Philadelphia Water Ice Cups 8oz. and 4oz.

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